Airthings for Business solution

Scalable air quality solution
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Making air quality a priority

We see that there are dangers hiding in the air we breathe. We went to work researching these contaminants in air finding ways that we could help consumers, offices, schools and HVAC professionals by making safer air quality decisions for the masses. As a result, we created Airthings - air quality solution that balances health and energy efficiency in any building.

Measure what matters in one scalable solution, including CO2, PM2.5, radon, humidity, temperature, light, noise, and more.

Getting started is easy:

1. Start monitoring
We help you choose the air quality monitors that suit your needs, integrate the high-quality IAQ data into your solution, or take advantage of our powerful Airthings Dashboard.

2. Understand
Remotely monitor, analyze and receive tips on the indoor air quality data to balance health and energy efficiency of your buildings.

3. Take action
Easily optimize your building operations with the help of IAQ data. Tailor and expand the solution to match your needs and challenges.

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Airthings for Business solution

Airthings for Business solution

Airthings Space Pro

Airthings Space CO2 Mini

Airthings for Business solution


For people

Improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of your tenants, colleagues, visitors or students.

For business

Remotely monitor and optimize your buildings to improve indoor air quality, reduce energy consumption, and save time.

For planet

Use air quality data to find the perfect balance between a healthy environment and energy efficient buildings.
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