RP Controller Web Service API

Access BACnet objects and properties of Room Controller
Published by Schneider Electric


Access to BACnet objects and properties of Room Controller

The API benefits customers by helping meet their demands for more insight and control of their enterprises. It also increases operational and energy efficiency by integrating with other systems inside and outside the building, and also with custom applications and open systems.

Using the Web Service API, a Schneider Electric partner can remotely access BACnet objects and properties on the RP-C. RP-C will return a list of object ids available and a list of property ids for a specific object. In case of a single RP-C, a 3rd party client application can access BACnet objects and properties if the user credential is valid. The user will be authenticated based on User DB in RP-C. In case of an EcoStruxture System with multiple RP-Cs, users can be authenticated based on centralized User DB on the RP Controller, AS-P or Enterprise Server by configuring Web Service Settings.

RP Controller Web Service API


Accessibility and Customizability

The Web Service API reads and writes a list of BACnet data points from the RP controller and integrated devices. By doing so, it allows occupants to control:

  • Fan Speed
  • Temperature
  • Light levels and blind position
  • CO2 and VOC levels in order to manage air quality


The Web Service API facilitates secure communication via HTTPS. It manages and controls user access to data in the RP controller by offering:
  • Local user management
  • Centralized user management using the EcoStructure BMS system
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