KNX for SmartConnector

A simple KNX integration with EcoStruxure™ Building Operation


Extension allowing connection between KNX Protocol and EcoStruxure™ Building Operation

KNX is world wide protocol standard who allow to control with an easier solution HVAC, lightning, access control and other building variable.

KNX for SmartConnector offers a smart solution who helps communication between KNX protocol and EcoStruxure™ Building Operation software.

Using simple configuration tool, it's possible to import ETS project and hosting via EWS server tree your variable and functions without installing extra hardware gateway devices.

The development of the extension follows the innovation standards released by the KNX association such as support for the latest version of ETS 6 and the world of KNX Secure devices.

KNX for SmartConnector


No hardware gateway

This integration is designed to fully control your building management system. No KNX to BACnet hardware gateway devices reducing integration cost.

KNX Secure support

KNX Secure is standard which allows you to communicate with encrypted telegram transmissions. This integration allows you to communicate via secure protocol with your building management system.

One click tool

One click tool allowing you to import easily ETS project and configure IP connection to communicate to bus. For KNX Secure it requests extra information to enable secure communication.

ETS 6 Support

This integration support ETS 6 project version (according to standard change log version).

No points limit

This tool removes data points limit provided by actual hardware interfaces.
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