Reference Architectures for Dairy Plants powered by AVEVA™

Reference design for applications in Food & Beverage segment
Published by Schneider Electric


Reference design for Dairy Plants

This document specifically addresses EcoStruxure™ Plant architectures for dairy plants that are not managed by the ProLeiT™ software suite (usually when AVEVA System Platform is a pre-required asset to be deployed at the dairy plant control room level).


It part of EcoStruxure™ Plant series, a collection of documents that addresses reference architectures for applications in the Food & Beverage segment. These flexible and collaborative architecture from Schneider Electric provide access to the information you plan and operate a dairy plant, with an emphasis customers’ needs, providing specific technological functionalities embedded in the process control system software suite.


EcoStruxure™ Plant Reference Architecture for Dairy Plants powered by AVEVA™, specifically covers the different process areas as the milk reception, pre-trearment and separation, reconstitution/mixing and yogurt fermentation.


The architecture described in this document is not a specific product in the normal commercial sense. It describes an example of how Schneider Electric and third-party components may be integrated to fulfill an industrial application.

Reference Architectures for Dairy Plants powered by AVEVA™


Reduce design and support effort

Simplify design and support task bringing experts in your projects or plant teams to solve current issues

Optimize resource usage

Increase throughput and yield with less materials labour, energy or waste

Drive Performance in real-time

Get instant visibility on your machines, process, lines and plants performance to support better decision

Manage materials, quality & traceability

Enforce quality inspection, reduce inventory and waste and automatically collect batch records and genealogy

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