NEO Network

Carbon Reduction Market Intelligence Platform
Published by Schneider Electric


NEO Network

Zero cost market intelligence platform for Energy Buyers seeking to meet carbon reduction goals.


The NEO Network is a community of clean energy change makers advancing reliable and cost-effective carbon reduction and cleantech solutions around the world.


Our market intelligence platform brings energy buyers and solution providers together to accelerate new energy opportunities.


With a zero cost membership, there's nothing to lose and a lot to be gained. While climate action is complicated, the NEO Network marketplace makes it easier to learn, link up with others, and lead.

NEO Network


Educational Materials

Gain access to educational materials and other resources to help you on your company's carbon reduction journey

Solution Provider Network

Gain access to a network of solution providers who can help your company take action to install renewables or implement other carbon reduction measures


Network with other NEO Network companies to learn about what peers are doing and how they are achieving carbon reduction goals

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