Zigbee interface and behaviour documentation for ELKO connected devices

Zigbee specifications of wiring devices and sensors
Published by ELKO


ELKO Zigbee attributes and commands for connected wiring devices and sensors

This documentation provides detailed specification of the Zigbee interface and device behavior for the following ELKO connected products:


  • Switch 10A
  • Push-button dimmers 
  • Rotary dimmers
  • Shutter/Blind switches
  • Motion switches 10A
  • Motion dimmers
  • Free locate wireless switches
  • Single socket outlets
  • Double socket outlets
  • Smart plugs 16A
  • Micro-modules: switch, and blinds
  • Motion and brightness sensor
  • Door/window sensor
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Water leakage sensor
  • Smoke alarm


These device types are available in Norway as part of the following ranges of wiring devices:


  • ELKO Plus
  • ELKO RS1
  • ELKO Smart

Zigbee interface and behaviour documentation for ELKO connected devices

Zigbee cluster attributes

Min-Max dimming values


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Integrate ELKO's most popular connected wiring devices in your home or building automation solutions and delight your users with their rich functionality.

Rich functionality beyond standard Zigbee clusters

Get access to manufacturer specific clusters to unleash the full functionality of the devices including timers, status LED behavior and more.
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