SCPTime BiaTime B

Secure Time Synchronisation for Cybersecurity
Published by SCPTime


  • time synchronisation traceable to legal UTC
  • Hardware/software bundled service
  • enhanced NTP protocol
  • Full Traceability and compliance reporting
  • Continuity of Timing Service

time synchronisation traceable to legal UTC

BiaTime B is a Time-as-a-Service offer provided by SCPTime, which allows the user to synchronize their systems over internet traceable to official UTC time (from observatory of Paris). BiaTimeB can be used as an alternative or complementary solution to GPS or similar GNSS systems.

Hardware/software bundled service

BiaTimeB Service Package includes on-premise box(es), and a number of agents (depending on the edition of choice) to be installed on the end user devices to be synchronized.
plug and play
  • Plug and play installation of on-premise box (simple internet connection)
Holdover capacity
  • The on-premise box will ensure holdover capacity and continue to feed time signal in case of internet connection failure.

enhanced NTP protocol

Patented time protocol NTP STSĀ® to ensure time integrity and improve cybersecurity through network transfer.
  • Compatible with standard NTP

Full Traceability and compliance reporting

end to end traceability from official UTC time source (from Observatory of Paris) to user device. Supervision, alerts and edition of compliance reporting through user interface.

Continuity of Timing Service

Continuity of service on 24/7 basis
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