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Secure Time Synchronisation for Cybersecurity
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Secure Time synchronisation for Cybersecurity

Accurate and reliable time is essential for the synchronization of different systems and the timestamping of data (log of events…). The timing solutions using reference time from GPS or NTP Pool are vulnerable to cyberattacks such as GPS jamming/spoofing, NTP amplification.

SCPTime® sets up an infrastructure and a service to broadcast a Secured, Certified, Precise and Traceable time signal through IT networks. This technology allow users to access official UTC time in the form of TaaS (Time as a Service) to improve the cybersecurity and resilience of time synchronization of their systems. SCPTime provides a wide range of timing services for various applications (BiaTime is one of the offers).

SCPTime BiaTime B



Prevent your business from Time Synchronization hacking and failures such as GPS jamming and spoofing, DDos attacks on your time servers and any other vulnerabilities related to Time synchronization.

Cost Efficiency

Improve your productivity and industrial performance thanks to a reliable and homogeneous time synchronization, offering overall resilience for business continuity, supervision for incident detection, and data collection for AI

Flexibility and scalability

Whilst other mitigations are placing more demands on the systems or expensive local countermeasures that are quickly obsolete, SCPTime flexible subscription and comprehensive approach allows you to align the service package to your needs
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