EcoStruxure™ Machine Advisor - Attention App

Predictive maintenance for machines
Published by Schneider Electric


Increase machine availability & improve asset life time

An unexpected stop of a machine can cause many issues (e.g.: less customer satisfaction due to late delivery, interruption of a complete production line, reorganization of the people in operation, extra hours to work, cost due to unfinished goods in the production etc.,).


Algorithms which constantly monitors the relevant parameters and tracks the data for anomalies can help to detect issues in advance. Service teams will be notified before the unexpected machine stop and can follow up case by case.


EcoStruxure™ Machine Advisor with the Attention App is offering such an anomaly analysis. Whatever machine you perform, the Attention App will be at your disposal, to increase the machine availability and to improve the asset life time.

EcoStruxure™ Machine Advisor - Attention App


Increase machine availability

Anomaly detection and their notificaton can improve your machine availabilty and services can be planned outside operation hours.

Improve asset life time

Stress of an asset can be detected in advance and services can be better managed, this can improve the life time of an asset. When assets are replaced at the right time, the quality of the produced goods can be improved.

Enhance OEE

As a consequence of an increased machine availability and an improved asset life time, the overall equipment efficiency (OEE) will grow.

Extend the business model

As Machine Builder, you are able to extend your business model in terms of services.
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